gDNA Quantity Requirements
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gDNA Quantity Requirements

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Recommended quantities

For DArT genotyping assays, we recommend:

  • 20-30µL of restriction enzyme digestible genomic DNA (gDNA)/free of endonucleases, dissolved in EB Buffer (10mM Tris-Cl, pH8.5) at a concentration of 50-100ng/µL 

Other acceptable solvents are:

  • Molecular Grade water, and 
  • Low EDTA TE (10mM Tris pH8, 0.1mM EDTA)
Can't meet the quantity requirements?
If you have less gDNA than these recommended quantities, please contact us. We may still be able to process your samples, as we have successfully produced genotyping data from samples with concentration of less than 10ng/µL.

Recommended concentration

DArT assays tolerate up to five fold differences in gDNA concentration, however if the gDNA concentration of the submitted samples is more uniform, we can give you better quality and more directly comparable genotyping data.

We may have to charge extra if the gDNA concentration variation exceeds acceptable levels (up to 5 fold) and we need to adjust the gDNA concentration before carrying out the assays.

If you have a few samples with fairly low DNA concentration, we strongly recommend that you group them by standard and low concentration in the second half of the plate.

We use 2µL gDNA of the recommended quality/quantity per assay, therefore:

  • For organisms or products listed in our system, please submit at least 20µL of gDNA of required concentration, although 30µL is recommended
  • For new organisms or products, please submit a minimum of 30µL of gDNA of required concentration, however higher volumes up to 50µL are welcome

If you have gDNA derived from museum collections, valuable items and materials that have been in prolonged storage please also read Samples from sensitive or valuable material

We recommend you do not exceed 70µL gDNA as it significantly increases the risk of sample cross-contamination during shipment and handling.

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