Targeted genotyping specific requirements
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Targeted genotyping specific requirements

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In addition to our general requirements for Genomic DNA (gDNA) for DArTseq services, there are additional specific sample size and quality requirements for our Targeted Genotyping (DArTag, DArTmp) services. 

As Targeted Genotyping products & services follow fully automated assay processing, we require a larger gDNA quantity to be supplied to account for dead volume required for liquid handling robots in addition to volume used for gDNA QC (5ul). 

The optimal sample volume is 40ul with 50 to 100ng/µl concentration of HMW gDNA

We can process samples with lower volume, concentration and quality but it may impact the data quality. If you cannot supply the optimal sample volume, please contact us for more information.

Please also note the following when making a submission

  • DArTmp and DArTag services are processed in 384 well PCR plates, therefore we require these services to be ordered in multiples of four 94 well PCR plates (wells G12 and H12 must be empty for our internal controls) 
  • We can process partial 384 well plates, however the cost per sample will increase 
  • Both services require the submission of a positive control (PC) 
  • Positive controls can be provided as genomic DNA or tissue

Quantity requirements

For positive control only, we need a minimum of 500µl of ~25ng/µl of good quality gDNA in EB buffer (10mM Tris-Cl, pH8.5) shipped in a clearly labelled microtube.

Positive controls
We offer DNA extraction service for positive controls, so if this is required or is a preferred option please contact us at for detailed instructions for amount and type of tissue to submit.

Preparation & shipping requirements

  • We recommend checking for the presence of residual nucleases in your DNA prep as it may degrade the gDNA during transportation.
  • PC can be shipped as precipitated in Ethanol or as dry pellet. Please indicate DNA storage method and gDNA quantity 
  • Please include a printed copy of the appropriate Positive Control Specification document (downloads below) and all other required documentation depending your sample type (tissue or gDNA) and from where (Australia or international) you are shipping from.

Positive Control Specification

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