International ordering checklist
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International ordering checklist

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This checklist provides an overview of all the steps you need to place an order and send us samples from outside Australia.

Are you sending samples from inside Australia?
If you're ordering from Australia, please refer to the Domestic ordering checklist instead. 

International Checklist

(use this to check off the list)
1Check Quality and Quantity of SamplesCheck that your samples are suitable for analysis.
2Request a quotationRequest a quote online before ordering. Include your sample species, which service you are interested in, sequencing depth, and number of plates/samples. If you require raw data or co-analysis please advise also.
3Create a sample tracking fileThe sample tracking file is a .csv file used to track your samples and plates for analysis. Read how to create a sample tracking file for more information.
4Place your order online.Read How to order online for more information.
5Package your samples Ensure you carefully package your samples and place the Service Specification form along with the samples. Read Sample Preparation for more information.
6Prepare your documentation

For orders from outside Australia, the documentation you need is:: 

  1. Export permit  (if required depending on where you are sending samples from)
  2. Import permit (if required for the type of material you are sending)
  3. Air Way Bill (AWB) or Consignment number 
  4. Manufacturer’s/Supplier’s Declaration including AWB number
  5. Pro Forma Invoice 
  6. Executed DArT Service Specification Form

To find out if you need permits and/or to download templates view Documentation & permits for more information.

Once you're prepared your documentation, you need to:

  1. Include one printed copy of your documents in an envelope marked ‘Australian Customs’, and attach the envelope to the outside of your shipment box.  You must ensure this step is followed or your samples may be returned or destroyed.
  2. Provide a second copy to your courier. Depending on your courier, you may be prompted to provide or upload digital copies of your documents when you book your shipment instead as well as a printed copy. Please check with your courier when you book your shipment to avoid delays. We recommend you provide the documentation to the courier when they collect your samples. Providing the documentation later may result in delays.
  3. Keep the third copy for your reference in case it is needed later for Quarantine clearance.
Ensure you read documentation and permits for more information.

7Notify us of your shipmentYou can notify us that you have sent your samples by completing the online sample shipment notification form. Once you send your samples we strongly recommend you regularly monitor the status with your courier to avoid delays.
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